Message of the M.E. & R. Kt. Andreas Spyropoulos, G.C.T.,
Grand Master

Bros. Kts., despite the passage of time and in the midst of adverse conditions, the messages of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of the Temple of Solomon and the Knights Hospitallers of St. John, have survived through the centuries and today still exist and uphold the same timeless values.

Based on these values, the Great Priory of Greece first introduced in 1989, the idea of the International Synod of Great Priories, with a twofold scope:

a)   To bring together the Heads of all regular Masonic Christian Chivalric Bodies, enabling them to exchange ideas, research new perspectives and possibly solve (or not) any misunderstandings that may exist between two Bodies.

b)   To unite as many as possible Bros. Knights from all over the world giving them the opportunity to make new friends and to learn different rituals and customs.

The Great Priory of Greece will have the honour to host the 12th International Synod of Great Priories in 2023 at the beautiful, medieval city of Rhodes. All regular Great Priories/Grand Lodges and their Fellow Knights from all over the world are invited to Participate.

It will be a great opportunity, after the last difficult years of Covid-imposed isolation, to meet again our Brother Knights, celebrate the triumph of life and thank the Lord for his support and blessing.

A detailed description of events together with the respective costs and a timetable can be found at the Synod’s brochure which you can either read online or download for comfortable reference. You can then proceed and make your registration online easily and quickly.

I hope to see you all in Rhodes next September,

Until then, I wish you all, health, peace and happiness.

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